Physical Barrier

Spell Type Target Duration Drain Link
Physical Barrier P 6 S +2(S) SRC p.198
Astral Barrier M 6 s +1(S) SRC p.198
Limited Physical Barrier P 6 S +2(M) MitS p.147

Barrier spells create glowing, translucent force fields. One success is sufficient to form a field with a Barrier Rating equal to the spell’s Force. Every two successes increase the Barrier Rating by 1.

The caster can form the barrier as a dome with a radius and height equal to the spell’s normal radius. The caster can also form a wall with height equal to the spell’s Force in meters and a length equal to the caster’s Magic Attribute. The caster can adjust the size of the barrier the same as the radius of an area spell (SRC p. 181).

Physical Barrier creates a physical wall. Anything the size of a molecule (or less) can pass through the barrier, including air or other gases. Anything bigger treats the barrier as a normal physical wall. Attacks directed through a barrier have a Visibility Modifier of +1. The barrier does not impede spells, except for elemental spells, just like translucent glass. The barrier can be brought down by physical attacks. Any reduction in the Barrier Rating are restored at the beginning of the next Combat Turn. If the barrier is penetrated, it collapses and the spell ends. Physical Barrier cannot be used on the astral plane.

Astral Barrier functions the same as Physical Barrier, except on the astral plane. Astral Barrier is not a dual barrier and does not work not he physical plane.

Limited Physical Barrier is a version of the Physical Barrier spell that only offers protection from a specific type of damage. Each type of damage is a different spell. Types of limited barriers include: Blade (all bladed weapons), Blasts (grenades and other explosives), Bullet (bullets and other ballistic weapons), Cold (all cold and ice elemental effects), Heat (heat and fire, including elemental fire spells), and any others approved by the gamemaster.

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Physical Barrier

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