Spell Type Target Duration Drain Link
Flamethrower P 4 I +1(Damage Level + 1) SRC p.197
Fireball P 4 I +1(Damage Level + 2) SRC p.197

These spells create flames the caster can direct. The flames flash into existence and burn out after striking the target, but can ignite flammable materials, which will continue to burn after the spell is exhausted.

For highly flammable materials (gasoline, dry wood, paper, explosives and ammunition) subtract 1 from their Resistance to determine secondary effects. If clothing ignites, the wearer takes 6M damage at the end of every turn until the flames are extinguished.

Treat exploding ammunition, grenades and such as a weapon hit, with armor doing nothing to reduce the damage. Combat Pool dice can help resist damage as the singed target tries to hurl the exploding material away.

Vehicle fuel may explode, but a vehicle gets +2 to its Object Resistance, unless its fuel is exposed to the open air.

Flamethrower is a single target spell, while Fireball is an area spell, creating an explosion of flames.

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