Oxy-Rush Nanites

Nanite oxygen bottles in the blood

Nanoware Nanite Type Cost Availability Street Index Legality
Oxy-Rush Transient 10,000 8/2 wks 2 Legal

These nanites are essentially diamondoid oxygen bottles, carrying a cargo of highly compressed oxygen. In effect, they can provide enough oxygen and remove enough carbon dioxide that the host can exist without breathing for at least several hours. the nanite-distributed oxygen also helps the body achieve greater levels of performance and helps to counter the effects of low blood pressure from damage and shock.

Game Effects

A character with Oxy-rush nanites can hold his breath for hours—until the nanites wear out. These nanites also provide +2 bonus dice to Athletics Tests and provide the equivalent of 1 level of Pain Resistance (see p. 170, SR3).

Oxy-Rush is incompatible with oxygenated fluorocarbons (p. 113 M&M); if both are applied, use only the strongest effect.

Reduced Effect: The character can still hold his breath, but he receives only +1 die for Athletics.

1 Shadowrun: Man & Machine p. 94


Oxy-Rush Nanites

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