Bone Lacing

Reinforces bone strength

Material Essence Cost Availability St. Index Legality
Plastic 5 7,500 5/14 days 1.5 6P-N
Aluminum 1.15 25,000 5/14 days 1.5 6P-Q
Titanium 2.25 75,000 5/14 days 1.5 6-R
Ceramic 1.5 40,000 6/21 days 2 6P-Q
Kevlar 1 20,000 6/21 days 2 6P-N

bone lacing is a process in which the cellular structure of the subject’s bones is augmented with lattice chains of reinforcing plastics and metals to improve the bone’s integrity and tensile strength. Weight added this way counts toward calculated encumbrance (plastic, +5 kg; aluminum, +10 kg; titanium, +15 kg). Bone Lacing adds armor as listed to int he table below. Armor gained by Bone Lacing is cumulative with worn armor.

Unarmed blows by a person with bone lacing are modified as per the table below and the character’s bones gain a barrier rating as per the table below. Aluminum and titanium lacing show up on conventional metal detectors.

A character with bone lacing can also choose to have his unarmed blow do physical damage, but the Power of the attack is halved (round up).

Material Bonus Barrier Rating Unarmed Blow
Plastic +1 Body 6 (STR+2)M Stun
Aluminum +1 Body, +1 Impact 8 (STR+3)M Stun
Titanium +1 Body, +1 Impact, +1 Ballistic 10 (STR+4)M Stun
Ceramic +1 Body, +2 Impact 8 (STR+3)M Stun
Kevlar +1 Body, +1 Impact 5 no bonus

Bone Lacing

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