Monitors status and can administer medication

Cyberware Essence Cost Availability St. Index Legality
Biomonitor 3 5000 6/72 hrs 2 Legal
Diagnosis Processor 2 2500 6/72 hrs 2 Legal
Subdermal Display 1 500 4/48 hrs 1 Legal

Implanted biomonitors measure the user’s vital signs and body functions, including heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, blood-sugar and -alcohol level, blood-cell counts and so on. information from this device can be output through linked devices such as display links or datajacked medkits, but usually it is transferred to an implanted diagnosis processor.

The diagnosis processor is an expert-system computer that uses biomonitor information to diagnose any anomalies or medical problems. It is similar to the computer included in external medkits and can suggest remedies, antidotes and medical procedures. Typically programmed to alert the user to certain dangerous conditions (poisoning, low blood-sugar level, erratic pulse, nitrogen narcosis and so on); other alert conditions and actions may be specified by the user, such as contacting DocWagon (using a linked telephone) if the user’s life is in danger.

The subdermal display unit is implanted on the lower arm (usually the left), under the skin. The unit displays text in a color that can be seen through the user’s skin; in effect, it looks like the arm is a display screen. Subdermal pressure buttons allow the user to scroll the text, switch to other windows, make queries and so on. If the user’s health is threatened, a warning display will flash on the screen (this option can be muted if circumstances require stealth or concealment). Medical response teams are trained to check a victim for biomonitor displays immediately upon arrival.

Game Effects

The three components of this system can be implanted as a pre-linked whole or used piecemeal.

Biomonitor: Installed in the chest, this device monitors the body’s system and outputs the information.

Diagnosis Processor: Like a medkit, this device can make Biotech Skill Test to identify health threats and determine a course of action. It has a Biotech Skill of 5. It can be programmed to trigger display warnings or be linked to auto-injectors, communication devices, internal air tanks and so on.

Subdermal Display: When inactive, this device has a Concealability of 10.



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