Internal syringe with 5 doses

Cyberware Type Essence Cost Availability Street Index Legality
Auto-Injector Bodyware
Reusable 1 1,000+contents 4/72 hrs 1.5 6P-N
One-Shot 05 1,500+contents 4/72 hrs 1.5 4P-Q
Extra Dose Capacity - +500 per dose 4/72 hrs As above

An auto-injector is an implanted device that dispenses medication or compounds. Auto-injectors have many uses, from diabetics who need regular insulin doses to psychiatric patients taking medication to ward off depression. Prisons, governments and corporations arealso known to use auto-injectors to ensure compliance or maintain control.

Auto-injectors dispense just about any drug or chemical known to metahumanity directly into the bearer’s bloodstream. Each auto-injector carries one dose; expanded models are also available that can hold up to 5 total doses.

Auto-injectors come in two styles, reusable and one-shot. Reusable units feature an external port through which they can be refilled and are usually implanted just below the skin’s surface in a location offering convenient access. These models can be connected directly to an IV to provide a constant dose. One-shot units are usually implanted in such a way that they cannot be detected by visual scan and, as the name implies, are good for one use only. They are commonly used to introduce deadly substances into an unwilling victim.

Game Effects

Auto-injectors are merely a delivery device; the substances within them, however, will produce varying effects (see Chemistry, M&M p. 101).

The auto-injector has some type of trigger that releases its contents into the bloodstream; this may be a built-in clock or timer; a signal from a linked radio unit; datajack or other source; the presence of specified chemicals in the bloodstream; and so on. This trigger must be chosen when the auto-injector is purchased.



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