Dwarf full mage


Character Priorities:

  1. Mage
  2. Abilities
  3. Skills
  4. Dwarf
  5. Resources
Attribute Base Mod Total
BOD 4 1 5
QUI 4 4
STR 3 2 5
CHA 5 5
INT 6 6
WIL 5 1 6
Essence 6 6
Magic 6 6
Reaction 5 5
Initiative 5 + 1D6 5 + 1D6
Dice Pools
Astral Combat 8
Combat 8
Spell 6
Active Skill Rating
Sorcery 6
Conjuring 6
Aura Reading 6
Etiquette(Street) 3(5)
Pistols(Ruger Revolvers) 3(5)
Throwing Weapons 3
Instruction 3
Car 2
Knowledge Skill Rating
Music(Electric Banjo) 5(7)
20th Century Plays 4
Poetry 4
Chemistry 3
Seattle Slums 4
Languate Skill Rating
English (City Speak) 3(5)
read/write 2
Elvish 4
Italian 2
Japanese 2
Spells Power Level
Stunball 4
Manabolt 4
Detect Enemies 2
Detect Magic 2
Trid Entertainment 2
Phantasm 2
Trid Phantasm 3
Nutrition 2
Treat 4
Gear and Life Style
Lifestyle Low
Ruger Super Warhawk
Standard Ammo 50 Rounds
Securitech long coat
Cash ??
Jim Beam the Street Alcoholic
2 bit fence
Mr Johnson

As a young dwarf, Nip worked with his family as entertainers. He grew up surrounded by performance artists of all varieties and was taught how to sing, play instruments, and act from a very early age. By his early teens he was well versed in poetry and plays and developed an excellent memory and no one played an electric banjo like he did. He always learned quickly, quicker than anyone aught to be able to. At about the age of 14, a mage joined the crew.

Nip was enchanted by the things that this mage could do, and would not rest until he convinced him to teach Nip all that he could. Nip’s education was cut short, however. One night after a rousing performance, Nip left his parents and family to be free of his chores and play.

When he returned, he found everyone he had known murdered, and everything he owned on fire. The next few years of his life was spent as a street beggar and occasional thief. Eventually a desperate man came to him and asked if Nip could do a job for him. That night, he put away his grief and became a runner.


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